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    Suuchi Inc is a technology company that designs, manufactures, and ships clothing for forward-thinking American apparel fashion brands and Fortune 1000 companies. They’re led by a brilliant mix of the best in technology, design, and manufacturing.

    Made in USA, woman-owned and mostly women-operated, Suuchi is home to Suuchi University, which trains the local community in advanced manufacturing skills before, and on the job. They have awarded over 100 certifications and added as many jobs in their resident Hudson County in the last 12 months.

    Using their proprietary technology, the Suuchi Grid, they are radically transforming the future of American apparel manufacturing with intelligent integration of technology, and automation.

    Factory and Company Social Responsibility 

    Suuchi employs the residents of nearby Hudson county as well as other neighboring communities. They seek to not only supply jobs to people interested in the textile field but also teach special skills. Suuchi offers an education program called Suuchi University, where people go to get an understanding of how to use sewing machines to manufacture garments. After completion of the program, participants may be offered a full-time job.


    Fair/Living Wage Info

    Employees are paid fair wages


    Employee Benefits

    • Health Insurance


    Why did MY SISTER choose Suuchi?

    It’s important for us to work with women-owned and women-run businesses, and developing a relationship with Suuchi allows us to support those efforts. Suuchi is very forward-thinking, open to a completely transparent partnership and the company also makes an effort to educate and promote women within the company. These are just a few of the reasons why Suuchi is a great partner for MY SISTER.