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    Fighting sexual exploitation. Fostering inclusive fashion. Staying true to our core values.  All of this means challenging the industry norms. And we are totally here for that.

    Many of our styles - tees, tanks and sweatshirts - are sourced from reputable manufacturers. They include styles manufactured in WRAP-certified factories ensuring safe and ethical working conditions. They are screenprinted using water-based ink and environmentally friendly practices in the USA. Sourcing styles through these large manufacturers allows us to offer fast turnaround and better pricing, but they create limitations when it comes to being size inclusive, truly transparent and being able to connect with garment workers.

    Since MY SISTER opened, we've had many women provide feedback on our sizing - asking us to make our line more size inclusive. Our initial sourcing practice wasn't allowing that to happen. We know it's so, so important. So, we took things into our own hands. We want women of all shapes and sizes to have access to our clothing.

    MY SISTER is proud to introduce the MY SISTER Exclusives Collection. This collection features styles that are designed by us and our partners and, best of all, are sized from XS to 4X. We work directly with cut-and-sew factories so we’re able to offer these size-inclusive styles. 

    It's also important to create a connection between you and the amazing people making these clothes. We often forget that there are humans behind our clothing. MY SISTER wants to be a part of shaking the industry up. And getting people to consider more. We believe most people care about fighting trafficking. If we truly want to fight trafficking, we must look within the details. Who’s making the clothing? Working with our factory partners, you get to see inside the factories. You get to see the talented and hard-working women who are a part of making these pieces and know that they are being paid a living, fair wage and are being empowered to grow within these companies. 


    MY SISTER Exclusive styles are crafted by our factory partners: