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     MY SISTER Timeline of Events


    With a MY SISTER purchase, anyone can participate in the movement to minimize commercial sexual exploitation and dismantle systems that allow people to be sold for the profit of others. We are actively reinvesting our profits back into the local community and around the world to provide education, empowerment and employment.

    A percentage of each purchase goes to our non-profit partners. This helps with raising awareness, prevention, intervention, after-care, education, job skill training and ending the demand for sexual exploitation.

    Our non-profit partners:


    We think it's pretty powerful when for-profit companies help solve traditionally "non-profit problems". MY SISTER is registered as a Minnesota Specific Benefit Corporation (B Corp), which means that we stay accountable to high social and environmental impact standards. Through structuring our organization as a for-profit business, we're able to provide sustainable employment for our team of as well as giving back through fundraising for our partners. As MY SISTER grows, we are able to offer more employment opportunities to survivors of sexual exploitation and donate more funds to our non-profit partners. On an ongoing basis, we also invest in raising awareness of domestic trafficking in our community and through our online movement, providing monetary and in-kind donations to those in need, plus supporting and sponsoring national and local community advocacy, educational events and more.