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    Why did you choose the name MY SISTER?

    MY SISTER stems from the idea that every female could be our sister, and we want her to live free and be loved. Sex trafficking is a severe violation of human rights and NONE of our sisters should have to be exploited in this way.

    MY SISTER was formed to give each and every one of us a way to make a difference in the lives of girls and women around the world.

    How is MY SISTER a socially responsible company?

    As a benefit corporation, we work to make change and positive impact at every level of our business. On an ongoing basis, we do the following to ensure we remain a socially responsible company:

    • Raise funds to support our non-profit partners.
    • Provide employment and growth opportunities for survivors of sexual exploitation.
    • Utilize services from companies that are minority-owned and/or are socially responsible.
    • Print marketing collateral with recycled papers.
    • Recycle and compost at our corporate office.
    • Invest in job skill training to empower our team members.
    • Provide health insurance and paid time off for our team.
    • Get involved in the local and online communities to raise awareness and rally support for the fight against exploitation.
    • Partner with brands who are providing education, employment, and empowerment for underserved populations.
    • Provide products that are ethically-made and exploitation-free.
    Is MY SISTER a non-profit company?

    Though MY SISTER loves to partner with non-profits, we’re not a non-profit ourselves. We’re a for-profit business-with-a-cause! MY SISTER is registered as a Minnesota Specific Benefit Corporation (B Corp), which means that we stay accountable to high social and environmental impact standards.

    Through structuring our organization as a for-profit business, we're able to provide sustainable employment for our team, as well as give back through fundraising for our partners.

    As MY SISTER grows, we are able to offer more employment opportunities to survivors of sexual exploitation, and donate more funds to our non-profit partners. On an ongoing basis we invest in raising awareness of domestic trafficking in our local and online communities, providing monetary and in-kind donations to those in need, and supporting and sponsoring national and local community advocacy/educational events.

    How does MY SISTER give back?

    We provide employment for survivors of sexual exploitation. Whether that’s at our corporate office or at a non-profit partner, we understand that the best way we can truly make in impact is to offer sustainable growth opportunities through internships and permanent employment.

    • We carry brands in-store that employ women artisans in the United States and overseas.
    • We donate 10% of proceeds to fund prevention and after-care programs with our non-profit partner – MN Girls Are Not For Sale. We also partner with The Link, Cornerstone, Breaking Free, and other non-profits for special campaigns, donation partnerships, and sponsorships.
    • We raise community awareness. Many people are not aware of what trafficking is or even realize that it’s happening around the world (and in all 50 United States). MY SISTER works to educate our communities about human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

    By offering a mainstream way of grabbing attention and starting a conversation, we are all working together to reduce the number of future victims, and helping those who have been exploited and recovered.
    How can I get involved?
    1. Learn about the problem.

    You can find some basic facts about sex trafficking at websites such as,, and

    MY SISTER's recommended movies to watch:
    • SOLD
    • Half the Sky
    • Girl Rising
    • Not My Life
    • Slave
    • Tricked
    • Nefarious

    MY SISTER's recommended books to read:
    • Half The Sky
    • Girls Like Us
    • A Crime So Monstrous
    • The Slave Across The Street
    • The Slave Next Door
    • Renting Lacy
    • Not For Sale

    2. Talk about it and be aware. Don’t stay silent.

    Talk about it with your friends and family. Make sure those around you are aware of the issue. Getting others involved can make a huge impact. Spreading the word about human trafficking is the ultimate key to prevention.

    Learn to recognize the warning signs of human trafficking and sexual exploitation:
    • Has few or no personal possessions
    • Is not in control of their own money, and has no financial records or bank account
    • Is not in control of his/her own identification documents (ID or passport)
    • Is not allowed breaks or suffers under unusual restrictions at work
    • Has a lack of knowledge of whereabouts and/or do not know what city they're in
    • Avoids eye contact
    • Exhibits unusually fearful or anxious behavior after bringing up law enforcement
    • Claims of just visiting and inability to clarify their staying/address
    • Has numerous inconsistencies in their story
    • Works excessively long and/or unusual hours
    • Is in a controlling relationship
    • Has signs of physical or sexual abuse
    • Is fearful, anxious, depressed, submissive, tense, or nervous/paranoid
    • Keeps a secrecy of whereabouts, and has little control over where they can go/travel

    Please note, this list represents only a selection of possible indicators.
    If you are concerned someone you know is being exploited, please contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or text “BeFree” to 233733.

    3. Do what you can.

    Here is a list of things you can do and ways to get involved:
    • Post on social media about the issue. Get a conversation going!
    • Share resources and recommend organizations making an impact to friends and family members.
    • Purchase products that support the fight against human trafficking. Make sure you're consuming sweatshop-free products. Plus, any time a retailer gives a percentage of proceeds to non-profits, support them! Join retailers in the fight! If you’d like more information on how trafficking affects us everyday, please visit
    • Donate or start a fundraiser for non-profits working on prevention and after-care for survivors.
    • Volunteer with survivors, youth and people experiencing homelessness – connecting with even one person can make a difference in that person’s life and may prevent another trafficking experience.
    • Don’t objectify and degrade each other.
    • Use social media in smart ways – don’t post personal information or add people you don’t personally know.


    Are your products Fair Trade?

    Though our tees are not certified Fair Trade, they fall under several other ethics certifications.

    All of our suppliers operate in accordance with the Fair Labor Association Workplace Code of Conduct, with some of our shirts made in the USA.

    Many of the factories where the apparel is manufactured are also certified by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), an independent non-profit team of global social compliance experts.

    We then have our shirts screen-printed using eco-friendly water based ink by in a minority-owned, women-operated screenprinter in Minneapolis, MN.

    Does your apparel shrink?

    MY SISTER apparel is pre-shrunk, so shrinking should be minimal depending on your washing and drying techniques.

    We recommend cold washing and hang drying or machine drying on low. Please refer to each individual sizing chart to ensure you order your ideal size.

    What are your clothing-care instructions?

    We recommend cold washing and hand drying or machine drying MY SISTER apparel products on low. 

    Do not iron directly on the print, foil, or embroidary.

    How do I know what size I am?

    Every product page includes a size chart that is unique to the specific product. Please refer to each individual sizing chart to ensure you order your ideal size.

    Why don't you have more size options available?

    We're currently working toward offering a wider range of sizes. However, there are very, very few options available for ethically-made apparel blanks that come in a wider range of sizes.

    Today, if we wanted to source more extended sizes, we'd have to purchase from companies that don't reach our high ethical labor standards (certified, no sweatshops, no child labor).

    Discontent with the lack of options, we’re continuing to look for solutions, including beginning to look into the logistics of manufacturing our own apparel independently!

    Do you offer wholesale options?

    At this time, MY SISTER does not offer wholesale options.


    Where is the MY SISTER store located?

    The MY SISTER store is located at 1616 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408.


    What are your store hours?

    Sunday: 12pm - 4pm
    Monday: Closed
    Tuesday: Closed
    Wednesday: 4pm - 7pm
    Thursday: 11am - 7pm
    Friday: 11am - 7pm
    Saturday: 10am - 6pm

    What types of items do you sell at your store?

    The MY SISTER store sells a variety of apparel, accessory, and beauty items from companies such as Krochet Kids, Dear Survivor, Revive Bath + Body, Bloom + Give, Square Hue, Fair Anita, and anne b

    All brands work to empower girls and women around the world!  

    How does MY SISTER choose which brands are featured in your store?

    The brands featured in our retail store include a variety of give-back businesses that support various causes.

    The brands we carry include the following criteria in their business models:
    They give back
    Each brand in our store has a give-back element, whether they donate a portion of the proceeds from their sales, make in-kind donations to charities, or provide jobs/education for girls and women.

    They're ethically-made
    We require the products in our retail shop to be made ethically, with fair wages paid to all workers involved.

    They're job-providing
    We love supporting other brands that empower women through offering sustainable work! The brands that we carry in the MY SISTER shop support refugees, women affected by trafficking and abuse, women in situations of poverty, and female makers/designers.


    What shipping options do you offer?

    MY SISTER offers the following shipping options:

    U.S. Standard: 3-7 business days for $4.99 USD
    U.S. Priority Shipping: 2-4 business days for $9.95 USD
    U.S. Express: 1-2 business days for $29.95 USD
    Canada Standard: 7-14 business days for $9.95 USD
    International Standard: 7-21 business days for $20 USD

    To learn more about our shipping options, click here.


    How long will my order take to arrive?

    All MY SISTER orders are shipped within 3-5 business days. The estimated time it will take to receive your order (after it is shipped) depends on the type of shipping you purchased. To learn about the different MY SISTER shipping options, click here.

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes we do! MY SISTER ships internationally for a flat rate $20 USD postage fee.

    Why are there additional international shipping fees for my order?

    Because MY SISTER is based in the United States, international orders may be subject to additional customs fees. Please keep these fees in mind, and contact your local customs office to find out if you are subject to additional fees. MY SISTER is not responsible for additional customs charges on any orders.

    If your package was sent back to us because it was not picked up at customs, MY SISTER will not resend your package. We will submit a refund for your order minus shipping/handling fees.

    Why is my international order being charged a higher total than the MY SISTER website shows?

    MY SISTER product prices are reflected in USD (United States Dollars). For other currencies, the amount charged on your card will automatically be converted based on your conversion rate on the day that you placed your order.


    What is your Return Policy?

    MY SISTER offers a 30-Day Return Policy (30 days after your package is delivered). All apparel must be unwashed and in new condition. All jewelry, bath and body, metallic tattoos, and lip products are final sale items.

    Certain exclusions apply - promotional apparel items listed as final sale cannot be returned or exchanged.

    We offer free U.S. returns on orders over $100. If an order is under $100, the buyer is responsible for the cost to ship the item(s) to MY SISTER. 

    How do I make a return?
    To make a return, please ship your apparel item(s) to the following address:
    1616 West Lake Street
    Minneapolis, MN 55408

    Please include the following inside your return package:
    • A note stating your return request (ex: I want to return these items for a refund.)
    • Your order number (ex: SheLivesFree0000)
    • The apparel item(s) you are returning

    Have a return question or need to request a return shipping label for an order over $100? Please contact our customer service team at
    What is your Exchange Policy?
    MY SISTER offers a 30-Day Exchange Policy (30 days after your package is delivered). All apparel must be unwashed and in new condition. All jewelry, bath and body, metallic tattoos, and lip products are final sale items.

    Certain exclusions apply - promotional apparel items listed as final sale cannot be returned or exchanged.

    We offer free U.S. exchanges on all orders over $100. If an order is under $100, the buyer is responsible for the cost to ship the item(s) to MY SISTER.

    How do I make an exchange?
    Due to high demand, many of our popular styles sell out quickly. To ensure that we have the product and size you want to exchange for, please contact to request an exchange.

    Please include the following in your request message:
    • Your order number (ex: SheLivesFree0000)
    • A sentence stating the item(s) you would like to exchange, and the size(s) you would like to exchange for

    Once your exchange request is accepted, please ship your apparel item(s) to the following address:
    1616 West Lake Street
    Minneapolis, MN 55408

    Have an exchange question or need to request an exchange shipping label for an order over $100? Please contact our customer service team at


    What is your Privacy Policy?

    To review the MY SISTER Privacy Policy click here.

    What are your Terms of Service?

    To review the MY SISTER Terms of Service click here.


    Can we feature you in our magazine/website/blog?

    For media inquiries, please contact

    Are you hiring?

    To view MY SISTER's current job openings, visit our careers page for more information.