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    Profile of a Sex Buyer

    Who is Buying Sex?
    Who buys sex? The answer to this question is not easy to find due to the stigmas and laws that surround it. More often than not, the stigma is directed toward the trafficked person and not the buyer. We live in a culture that supports exploitation in many ways and also in one that shames the survivor through hurtful language. But we don’t have to continue to support this culture and we can change the conversation. Through exploring what data is available and through the stories of survivors, a clearer picture is painted of who is buying and what that means for society.

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    A Survivor’s Story: Jenny

    A Survivor's Story - Jenny
    Every survivor’s story is different. The month of January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, we’re using this time to educate the community about what a survivor endures, their path to breaking free, and how you can help. We will be sharing the stories of three survivors over the next three weeks. Each survivor has come forward with a unique experience and a different story, broken down into three parts: before, during, and after trafficking. One thing remains constant in each story, a trafficker used power and control to keep someone in the life. The women we are featuring were made to feel like products and not people, it needs to end. Read Jenny's story.

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    Sex Trafficking in the United States: Where Does it Happen?

    Sex trafficking occurs in every state in the United States

    It’s a common misconception that Sex Trafficking (or Commercial Sexual Exploitation in general) only happens in big cities or certain areas. The reality is that Commercial Sexual Exploitation takes place everywhere- from Las Vegas to rural Wisconsin.

    We’ve complied a list of cases of sex trafficking in all 50 states. 

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